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The Wauseon high school ‘hall of fame’ has inducted 10 new members, after a ceremony last week at the school auditorium.

The list includes former students that excelled in education, medicine, and journalism.                    The newest inductees into the Wauseon high school hall of fame include:  James Boucher from the class of 1955- a long-time optometrist; Philip Roos from the class of 1956- professor emeritus in physics at the University of Maryland;  Michael Galbraith and Joseph Hallett both from the class of 1967- Galbraith a doctor of education at Oklahoma State, and Hallett a senior editor at the Columbus Dispatch.    The Wauseon Hall of fame inductees include:  Kristine Rittichier from the class of 1982- co director of pediatric emergency medicine at Methodist Children’s Hospital; Larry Fruth, II from the class of 1983- associate director of curriculum instruction at the Ohio Department of Education; Frank Kunkle taught vocal and instrumental music at Wauseon for 23 years;

            Charles Meyer taught and coached at Wauseon for 35 years in Industrial Education.

Richard Darcy served Wauseon schools as teacher and principal for 35 years.

            And Joseph Sevenich taught and served as principal for 30 years with Wauseon schools.


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