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A youth from Ottawa was taken into custody in connection with a crime scene that left two teenagers dead in Putnam County.   Ottawa Police received a call that Columbus law officers had found a vehicle that was missing from the El Crest Trailer Court in Ottawa.    17 year old Michael Fay of Ottawa was found with that vehicle in Columbus; and has been brought back to Putnam County for a juvenile court hearing.  

During an interview with Fay, he confirmed that a crime had been committed at the trailer court in Ottawa; and he informed officers where the victims of that crime could be found.   The bodies of 17 year old Blake Romes, and 14 year old Blaine Romes were recovered, at a location that has not been disclosed by Ottawa Police.    Autopsies are being performed to determine the exact cause of death.

Because the case involves juveniles, few details are being released in this case.


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