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With a levy proposal on the ballot next month; the Napoleon Area School Board of Education reviewed the district’s 5-year financial forecast during their Monday meeting.  That forecast is showing the Napoleon school expenditures in operations is surpassing revenues, which is eating into the district’s fund balance.    The cost to operate Napoleon schools is about 21.5 million dollars per year, which covers the cost of fuel for buses, textbooks, computers, salaries, energy costs for buildings and more.

The Napoleon board approved a contract with the Barton Mallow Company to oversee the district’s construction project, in making sure the proper bids are accepted.  That cost is just over $500,000.

Construction crews are recycling sand that was the base for the decking around the exterior of the building on the southwest side of the facility.   Since the decking is being removed, that sand can be used as back-fill for other parts of the project.

The Napoleon Board announced that the LR Babcock company of Napoleon was awarded one of the prime contracts on the construction.   And a number of subcontracts are being let to local companies, including Irvings for site preparation.                 Construction on the junior high addition to the high school is now underway; and the new elementary building is in the design development stage.


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