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The Holgate School District is hoping to access 4 extra calamity days; but will have to cut short their Easter break to do it.  The Holgate board is seeking an agreement with their staff, to utilize the date of Thursday, April 17th as a student day.    The state will allow the extra calamity days if districts do all they can to keep students in school for open days on the calendar.


The board accepted the resignation of Holgate principal Gary Dulle , who is stepping down after 5 years as middle and high school principal.


                                    Other personnel action included the hiring of Ken Gineman in seasonal maintenance; and Carolyn Hilbert was approved as a volunteer softball coach.


Holgate’s open enrollment policy will remain the same, which allows students to sign-up until August 3rd.


Tony Leonard was approved as a new member of the Holgate Community Library board of Trustees, for a 7-year term.


And an overnight trip for the FFA to attend the state convention was approved for middle school and high school officers.  Lacy Allen is advisor for the group.



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