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17 girls are set to make a run for the 2013 Tomato Festival Scholarship Pageant at the Henry County Fair next month.  A run-off was held for the Liberty Township and Napoleon city slots recently; and it will be Elizabeth Swearingen representing Liberty Township, while Madison Merz was selected for the city of Napoleon’s representative.

Other contestants for the Tomato Festival Pageant include:  Nikky Hopkins from Monroe Township, Kaitlyn McKittrick from Deshler village, Kaylee Spurgeon will represent Bartlow Township, and Hanna Dietrich is from Napoleon Township.   Other pageant contestants for 2013 include:  Alexa Myers from Washington Township, Amber Pinson-Liberty Center village, Morgan Parcher will represent Harrison Township, Cierra Steele from Flatrock Township, and Abigail Johnson of Damascus Township.   And the final candidates for the Tomato Festival Pageant are Bridget Speiss from Freedom Township, Heather Warner from Richfield Township, along with Leah Thomas from Pleasant Township, and Rachel Wiemken from Ridgeville Township.


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